Our legendary pentathlon where you can choose any five events of these during that suits your group. Speedy, physical, calm, clumsy or clever. Perfect for kick-off, stag or hen party.
All activities are done indoors. Choose to end with our obstacle course similar gladiators where the points in the five match are made to lead in the obstacle course.

Who is best? Which team is toughest? You compete in teams and everything is led by an instructor who manages the score. Pentathlon strengthens the group and team spirit, and even if you do not win you will learn at least how high you can laugh together. Finish off with a shower and sauna.

End your activity with a good dinner. Click here for menus .
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Prices & Times

Time schedule weekend: 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 (if available, 21:00).
Weekdays : Optional as time will be.
Pentathlon 390 Sek/person. Time: approx. 2 - 2.5 hours.
Add The obstacle course to the end: +30 Sek/person
Pentathlon with Paintball (Paintball is one of the branches) incl. 100 bullets. 650 Sek/person. Own transport is required to the Paintball area. Extra bullets are bought for 0,70 Sek/pieces. Time: approx. 5 - 6 hours
Number of participants: Minimum charge 8 people during Fridays and Saturdays.
Considerable: Bring something to chew on and something to moisten the throat as this is not included.

Wrestling in giant sumo wrestling suits.

Remain at the mechanical bull.

Running side by side in a large inflated path, see who comes the longest.

Gladiator Fight with soft "tops". Bring down your opponent!

Boxing with giant boxing gloves.

You are sitting inside the bowling ball and rolled on the bowling alley. The pins are 1.5 meters high. Strike!

Show that you are a bit of a Robin Hood and shooting right on target.

Can you get on top of Gökboets seven-meter high wall?

Can you hit with baseball tree? The balls shot out of a baseball machine in a ruffled momentum.

Twice as much sumo for your activity, stag or hen party!

Two opponents stand on either side of the wall. Enter more clogs than your opponent. fast pace!

A classic branch, see which team is strongest and has the best technique!

Hold the pace of the giant feet all the way into the goal.

One is blind and one is deaf in this incredibly fun business.

Hit the bulls-eye with a classic hunting weapons.

Can be selected after the five match. +30 Sek Photos/video on our Facebook page..

Play soccer in the form of a human soccer game.

Football in costumes. Completely normal. Or?

Throw a double-edged ax and hit the log on the wall.

Find colored balls among 1000s of white. These should then be pricked in the basket. As in childhood, surround yourself by the balls!

Shoot down the paintings in various sizes with awesome paintball gun.

Shit funny race with motorized toilet seats. Collect toilet rolls on the road.



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